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Whats good about DreamHost?
  • Excellent tech support. Plus an excellent wiki library which can answer most of common questions/issues.
  • Established company with reliable servers

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Dreamhost Review

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  • Excellent tech support. Plus an excellent wiki library which can answer most of common questions/issues.
  • Established company with reliable servers
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Dreamhost was established in 1997 and is one of the best leading hosting companies in the world and hosts over 200,000+ websites. They are one of the trusted and well known companies, mostly for their support and fast reliable servers.  DreamHost specializes in Linux Hosting.

Support Review

Dreamhost's biggest selling point is their customer support. Technical support Team answers your email within 24 hours. They also have a ticket system where you can log and track your issues.  Also they have Wiki support, which is a very good way to get answers for most of the common problems/issues. This is where most of customers get their answers from and the wiki is well maintained by Dreamhost staff. The wiki also has tutorials/steps for many  'how-to's. Forums are also another great way to get your answers/problems solved. Customers visit forum frequently to get answers and support staff directs and answers the questions.

Hosting Price Plans and features:

Price is $5.95 and the plan has standard features provided by hosting companies. Highlight of this plan is: 500 GB of disk space which increases weekly by 1 GB. A Bandwidth of 5 TB is given, which increases automatically by 16 GB every week.  And the plan is strongly backed by 97 day money back guarantee. Plan also includes 3000 e-mail accounts with spam filtering, Unlimited domain hosting, custom DNS,  databases(MySQL databases), language support(PHP4, PHP5, CGI, Perl, Python and Ruby / Ruby-On-Rails, CGI/Perl), Cron jobs, full shell access (SSH and Telnet), open source software (wordpress, Joomla, phpbb, wiki software) and more.

Control Panel: Another highlight of this plan is the custom control panel created by Dreamhost(Most of the Linux hosting companies provide the standard cpanel, which is pretty good, but this one is better!). The control panel is very user friendly and is easy to use. Most of the hosting features can be controlled using this control panel.


Dreamhost is a well established company and provides reliable hosting. Reasonably priced plans along with excellent support makes it a great choice. A sure recommedation.

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Service Summary:
DreamHost is one of the best green hosting companies around since 1997.

Best features:
DreamHost is owned by its employees.
DreamHost is carbon neutral and is 100% green!
Best hosting plan - just $5.95/month!

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