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servers always up! very responsive service..good value for my hosting dollar.

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Since 1994, Global Net Access has been providing exceptional service and customer support to its clients.

In 2000, GNAX began operations for larger access clients in northern Atlanta, but quickly outgrew the facility. GNAX moved to 55 Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta for primary operations, while also co-locating at 56 Marietta Street for higher-bandwidth applications.

In 2001, GNAX acquired NetDepot and entered the dedicated server market. Envisioning higher demand for outsourced server operations, GNAX began offering managed hosting, quickly growing into one of the largest and most respected names in the industry.

This success, coupled with successful co-location sales, necessitated an expansion within our 55 Marietta Street location. However, within 2 years we had outgrown that space. This led to the decision to purchase our own facility for longer-term plans and growth.

We found a former meat refrigeration warehouse in the historic West End of Atlanta, now known as the AltantaNAP, and purchased the facility in 2005. With more than 75,000 square feet of space, the facility would accommodate our future growth plans for the next 5 years.

Having observed many competitors attempting to migrate to new facilities for growth accommodation, we decided not to follow the common practice of moving the entire client base over a single weekend. To facilitate a positive moving experience, we moved our entire client base to the new AtlantaNAP over a six-month period. We're happy to say that it was a positive experience and one that required very little downtime.

Over the next two years, we sold a large majority of our floor space in the form of cages, cabinets, and shared cage area to various corporate clients. Some legacy clients include The Disney Company, Harry Norman Realtors, and Citrix Online. The AtlantaNAP also houses over 2000 dedicated servers that our sister company, NetDepot, operates for clients worldwide.

In June of 2008, we completed an AtlantaNAP facility expansion by adding an Enterprise area of 12,500 square feet of 36-inch raised floor space. The anchor tenants of the new Enterprise area are Emory University/Healthcare and Piedmont Hospital.

In February of 2009, we announced a second AtlantaNAP expansion by an additional 13,500 square feet.

Also in February of 2009, we also announced our new facility at 8435 Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, Texas. That facility, located in the TelX building, will be the second data center owned by GNAX. We will primarily sell dedicated servers and cabinets to hosting clients.

We look forward to working with our current and future clients for years to come!

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