A shared web hosting service is a web hosting service where many websites share single web server. Each site has its own section/place on the server to keep it separate from other sites. In shared hosting, the hosting company will manage servers, install server software, do security updates & technical support ect. This is most cost effective hosting method and for majority of users  a Shared hosting service would suffice.


  • Cost effective hosting solution. Since server is shared, cost per user comes down
  • For a newbie to web hosting, this is the best option to get started. You can setup a basic website using shared hosting.
  • Shared hosting customers need not bother about server upgrades and server maintenance. These routine tasks are  done by server administrators who work for the hosting company.


  • Since web server is shared, if one site in that shared web server is consuming lot of memory or other resources, performance of other sites also can  be affected.
  • You may have limited disk space and bandwidth.
  • While you can install many common and popular web applications easily(E.g: WordPress, Joomla etc),   you cannot install any software you wish.  Since it is a shared server, if your hosting company thinks that a web application or software can be dangerous to it’s shared hosting environment, it may not let you install that software. Also, you don’t have admin access to the server, as in the case of a dedicated server.

That said, for most of common users who need a simple basic website or a wordpress blog or even a shopping cart system with database features or for a web developer who needs good developer -rich features, a shared hosting account is more than enough.  This is most common type of hosting account and is the most sold hosting type.

By the way, if you are looking for a good web host,  ArvixeBlueHost or HostMonster are all good choices for shared hosting or for blog hosting.

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My hosting service is a Shared Hosting. But I don’t notice it.

The website load up just fine and everything works great.

Maybe it has to do with the Linux Cloud Servers they use. Linux is lightweight and does not use a lot of system resources.

All my research to find a reliable hosting service did pay off.