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I had a hosting plan with one of my old hosting service provider but i had a huge problem with the hosting provider and needs to shift to a new hosting service provider ,then with a research from a few friends i got to know about approval and complete setup of services i shifted the hosting to and the begining was ok and i thought that we are going in a right direction.. The most important thing i liked about them are their support on phone or tech. Both are best .They help you form each and every manner when i was in need.They give you the best service.i truely appreciate thier concern towards their clienst queries.The help you with their best knowledge base and technology

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eUKhost Ltd. Review

My cool experience with eUkhost
Review By: Steven
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Time Frame: 7 to 9 months
Type of Hosting: Ecommerce Hosting
I would like to share my cool experience with my hosting company which is eukhost.comthat's why i am taking out from my busy schedule and witting a review for my hosting company so that people should know about my experience too.I have been with since 9 months.i really like their domains offers its really great for someone who is starting his new website or starting a new business I got to know about them through a website banner .My action plan after viewing there website and after talking to there sales representative for a hour or so was like i will defiantly go for cleared my misconception towards hosting a website I really like their domains offers its really great for someone who is starting his new website or starting aa new business.The support is very fast as they give you feedback on your quiery with in 2 hours of time and also they clear up matters for you as good as possible there customer support is pretty cool and helps you a lot.I hope they are very techy and know very well what they are going to give to there clients.After a month i got some problem on my website regards my database and they sorted out very easily i am very happy on this pretty cool that they reply on a very quick to the customers query.Guys i would like to suggest you to go with eukhost hosting plans .

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