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Why Hostgator ?

  • Intel Xeon 3040 (Dual Core) Processor
  • Free Setup
  • 1 GB RAM
  • unlimited domains&databases
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Just $174 / Month

5 IP Addresses,

Why InMotion Hosting Inc ?

  • Pentium Dual Core, Quad Core or Xeon Quad Core CPUs
  • 160GB, 250GB or 250GB RAID1 HDDs
  • 1.5 Terabytes or More of Data Transfer
  • 2 Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee
  • 2 GB or 4 GB of RAM Included!
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Just $199.95 / Month

  • Full CPanel License
  • Free Setup
  • 5 Dedicated IP Addresses

Dedicated Web Hosting Guide

Dedicated Server Web Hosting Guide

Definition: Dedicated server means that you rent an entire web server from a reputed hosting company along with relevant scripts and necessary software and a reliable connection to the internet. The server will be hosted or located in the data center of the web hosting company. As an owner, you also have a choice to select the software or components that needs to be installed in the server including choice of OS(operating system).

Why Dedicated Hosting?
Usually the need for a dedicated server arises when you have a large scale mission critical website or ecommerce application or a blog or a simple website that has very good traffic (vs a shared hosting plan where you share the same server with others for a low price). Also big corporate companies sometimes use managed hosting services from a reputed hosting provider. The client (you) can configure it and can operate it remotely. You have significant savings here in terms of costs for server hardware, router, internet connection, firewall &security system as well as network administration costs. Also, since network administrative tasks are handled by the web hosting company staff, you do not need to employ your own staff(exceptions denoted below in case of a Unmanaged Dedicated Server).

There are basically 2 types of dedicated servers:
Managed Dedicated Server – Your Web hosting provider manages and monitors your dedicated server (including support). In this case, client need not worry about system administration or technical issues, which will be taken care by hosting provider. This makes lot of sense for an entrepreneur who owns a site, but have limited time or limited technical know how of maintaining a server.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server – You manage and operate the server. Host provider just providers the web server (space, security, connection and bandwidth). Your or your team need manage the server, which means you should have good tech support staff that can manage the whole server or any technical issues.

Pros and cons:
Listed below are advantages of a Dedicated server hosting plan:
  • Unlike a shared hosting plan, you are not sharing the server with others, which can cause server downtime. This means your sites perform better and faster.
  • Dedicated servers are more scalable and reliable, have better performance than a shared server, have better security, network and firewall.
  • Cost savings: You are not buying/maintaining equipments (server hardware, router etc, which needs to updated every 2 years or so).
  • In case of a managed dedicated hosting, you do not need technical support staff.
  • System administrative tasks and headaches are handled by Hosting provider(for a managed dedicated hosting plan)

Listed below are disadvantages of a Dedicated server hosting plan: 
  • Hopping from one hosting provider to another is not an easy task. If you are not happy with your current provider, then transition from one to another can be a tedious process. 
  • Expensive when compared to Shared Web hosting or VPS Web hosting plans.
  • You, the client only "own" data (your files, database etc). The server is "owned" by the hosting provider
  • Some hosting companies have hourly based tech support plans, which can be costly.

Summary: We hope above tips will help you make a decision. In case you are looking for good dedicated hosting providers, please use our top dedicated hosting list. We also have web hosting reviews for some of the big names in hosting industry. Good luck!