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List of Best Website Builders - Create and launch your website today

Why ?

  • Free Premium site builder
  • DIY Store builder
  • Backed by a strong community
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Just $4.95 / Month

  • Free domain
  • $75 voucher to Google Adwords
  • $50 to advertise on Facebook.

Why BlueHost ?

  • Create beautiful websites using Weebly, the best Site builder
  • Best US based support
  • See Demo
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Just $3.95 / Month

  • Free Domain

Why WebHostingHub ?

  • Premium Site Builder
  • Over 500 professional quality templates
  • E-Commerce store Builder
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Just $3.99 / Month

  • Free Domain Name

Why iPage ?

  • Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Template-Based Site Builder
  • Wizard for Setting up a Blog
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Just $1.89 / Month

  • Free Domain
  • Free Online Store
  • Paypal Integration

How to choose the best site builder?

What is a website builder?

"Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing" - - wikipedia

A website builder is the smartest and fastest way to design and create a professional looking website in just a few hours. It is a powerful tool, yet simplistic.

It allows you to create webpages easily without knowledge of any programming. The program generates HTML tags and other scripts necessary for your website, while you simply use a drag and drop feature to add design elements.

Whether you are selling products or promoting your services, a website builder tool is best option to create your site, all by yourself without any coding or design skills.

Advantages of using WebSite builder

  • No Coding required.
  • One Click Publishing. No FTP program needed.
  • No need for hiring a website designer.
  • Reduce the cost of starting and maintaining a website.
  • Online administrator panel to add/edit/copy and remove pages.
  • You can add photo gallery, e-mail contact forms, blogs and a shopping cart to your website without having to learn any code at all.
  • High-Quality Graphics and Free Stock Photos. You can pick from thousands of templates and options to create a website

DisAdvantages of using a WebSite builder

Less flexible when compared to a complex website creation software(meant for advanced developers). In case you want to go to an advanced level, then your coding options are limited. Even though the tool lets you add html code, it is limited.

That said, a website buidler tool is still the best bet to create a website fast, for a total beginner with no technical skills

Website Creation Process using a Website Builder:

Three basic steps are involved in creating a website using a professional website designer tool.
  1. Create Design:Choose a professional theme from a big selection of website templates. Upload your logo, customize colors, header area, footer area.
  2. Add Content:Add Your Content using a Point-and-click tool
  3. Go Live: Once you're done with design and adding contet, "publish" your site it with a single click. You can always come back and make changes if needed.

Different Types of Website Builders

There are several types of website builders.
  1. Site builder Software - These will come with templates as well as wizards.
  2. Drag and Drop - You can build a website through graphical interface. You can to drag and drop modules like Image Gallery,Guestbook,Forum,Voting,File Download and more into your site.
  3. Content Management System - Many types of content management systems(For example: Wordpress) are available with every hosting service. You need to install this onto the hosting account and build the website.
  4. E-commerce Site Builder: This tool lets you create a product catalog and shopping cart so that you can sell items/goods over internet.
Many web hosting companies integrate drag and drop website builder tools as a part of their hosting plans.  

No matter which type of website builder program you choose, they are so much easier to use.

Our recommendation: BlueHost Site Builder

BlueHost needs no introduction. It is the most popular choice for small business web hosting and for personal and professional websites as well. BlueHost provides Weebly Website builder, which is very user friendly and does a professional job. With many templates to match your taste or business, it is solid choice.

Watch this video and learn how you can create a beautiful website by your self using Weebly, a premium Website Builder.



A reliable DIY hosting company like BlueHost makes very good choice for DIY website design. They also offer very good support and are reliable with very good service record.

BlueHost offers a Premium Website Builder, Weebly, which is already included in your monthly cost of just $3.95 and is an easy and affordable way to launch your small business or personal website online.Simply choose a theme, edit your website's content and then publish it for the world to see.
Create a beautiful website today for just $3.99 per month