About Geoff Gauldin
Geoff Gauldin
CEO/CTO, 3Essentials Hosting

Hello Geoff, we thank you for being with us today and we are glad to have you as our guest at findbestwebhosting.com.
To get this interview started, can you please give us a brief introduction to 3essentials and its history?

I founded 3Essentials in 2001 with the hope of developing a technology company based on good customer service. I wanted to be part of a company that built a strong base of values and a corporate culture of treating our customers like we want to be treated if we were a customer. In 2004 3Essentials experienced our first major growth of customers and we added staff to accommodate that growth. By 2006 3Essentials had expanded to two datacenters and had many different product offerings ranging from low cost shared hosting to larger dedicated servers and web farms. Today 3Essentials is one of the best providers of Small Business Hosting Solutions Worldwide. We have built that reputation on customer service and continue to put that at the forefront of our daily goals.

What types of hosting service does 3essentials offer? Also, please brief us on 3essentials hosting plans.

3Essentials offers Small Business Hosting Solutions ranging from low cost shared hosting to virtual servers and dedicated servers. Web farms and custom solutions are also available for customers seeking solutions that need to fit their complex environments and business goals.

Web hosting is a competitive business. Why should customers opt for 3essentials? What makes 3essentials stand out from the crowd?

Customer Service. It is that simple. Technology is great, uptime is a requirement but if we don't listen to our customers and react to their needs then 3Essentials is not delivering on our commitment to customer excellence. At the end of the day, 3Essentials will take them time necessary to understand our customers' needs and react to that need with a solution.

3essentials has 99% Customer Satisfaction rate. Please explain.

The 99% customer satisfaction rating started with a rating from another referral site. It was used as a tool to measure our success (or failure) with regards to meeting our customers' needs. We have since fine tuned our internal processes to incorporate more aspects of our customers experience and are requesting feedback from our customers continually in an effort to make certain we are meeting these goals. The 99% rating is the current level at which our customers are satisfied with our service. Our customers and even prospective customers have multiple avenues for providing feedback to us. The key point to this measurement is that 3Essentials management reviews each and every submission, therefore our customers have an avenue to management at 3Essentials.

3essentials offers a guarantee 99.9% uptime. Can you elaborate on how the guarantee works?

We use a 3rd party monitor called Alertra to monitor our network from multiple locations around the world. We also monitor various different aspects on our shared hosting and managed hosting plans. If the hosting plan in question includes a SLA and we do not meet the 99.9% server uptime guarantee, 3Essentials will refund a portion of the hosting payment for that month.

Please brief us on your Datacenters and server reliability.

Our datacenter reliability for the past three years as been 100% for network, no outages. Just about everything in the datacenter is redundant; Power, network, servers..etc. We have two datacenter locations, both have generator power backups and multi-network (BGP) leaving the building.

Let us talk about 3essentials Server statistics. 3essentials has 99.99% Server Uptime and 100% Network Uptime. Please brief us on these stats.

The network and server uptime is very reliable at 3Essentials. One of the reasons is the way we handle changes and upgrades to the systems. Customers can view the status of servers on our support page so they know if there is an operational problem with the server or network at any time. We have a strict internal policy and change management procedure with regards to the security and upgrading of our systems.

We understand you offer 24/7 support. Can you brief us more about your customer support division?

We do offer 24/7 support, 365 days per year. We have a tiered architechture of support, where our technicians receive training and have an avenue to more senior technicians for assistance with technical problems. Customers also have a path to escalate tickets to management if they feel they are not getting the level of service they should.

3essentials is in FindBestWebHosting.com's top 10 windows hosting list. What other awards 3essentials has won before?

3Essentials has won various awards on hosting from Hostreview.com and other "award" sites. What we are proud of most is the continual high ratings we receive from our customers. Another good rating site is WebHostingStuff.com. It is important to note that 3Essentials is also a member of the Better Business Bureau and has maintained a satisfactory status since we joined.

Do you have any words for the potential new customers? Is there anything you wanted to add for our readers?

For potential customers I would say this. Having to make the decision on where to host your web site can be an exhaustive undertaking considering all of the hosting companies doing business today. 3Essentials is a privately held company with no investment capital, if you have read this Q&A all the way through I would direct you to the first question and my first response. "I founded 3Essentials in 2001 with the hope of developing a technology company based on good customer service. I wanted to be part of a company that built a strong base of values and a corporate culture of treating our customers like we want to be treated if we were a customer." 3Essentials is dedicated to providing the best customer service we can. Good luck in your internet endeavours.

Moving ahead: What are you future plans? How do you envision 3essentials 5 years from now?

3Essentials will continue to evolve with technology and provide the solutions that our Small Business Customers need to be successful in the years to come. I envision 3Essentials continuing to grow in the next 5 years and finding ways to service our customers more efficiently.

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