My name is Trey Gardner and I have been in web site hosting for over 10 years. I have been involved with four other web hosting companies before I started Green Geeks in 2006. My positions in other hosting companies prior to starting Green Geeks included; Quality Assurance Director, Control Panel Development Manager, Reseller Program Director, Marketing Director, Sales Director, General Manager and CEO.

Needless to say I have been involved in many aspects of web hosting and how to effectively run a web hosting business. I have also met some of the brightest and best people to work with in web hosting and when I started my hosting company I went after only those top candidates who I knew would make Green Geeks an exceptional company.
Hello Trey, we thank you for your taking the time for this interview. To get this interview started, can you please give us a brief introduction to GreenGeeks and its history?

Green Geeks is my baby, after working for a number of different web hosts and seeing where they had success and failure I wanted to start my own web hosting service provider company because I believed I could build a better more customer oriented system.

When I was building the company I wanted it to stand for more than just being a web hosting business. I had previously built a green web hosting company and was proud to do so but I also knew that the owner of that company cared more about the marketing aspect of being green than what it really did or what impact it would have for the industry and their customers. I decided that Green Geeks would be a top notch web hosting company but would reach out to the web hosting community to make them and their customers more aware of how much pollution our industry causes and how we could make a positive impact on that trend.
Green Hosting is Still in its Infancy. Whats' your take? What's the future of Green Hosting?

The future is absolutely green eco friendly web hosting. The message is growing there are many companies going green, even if some of them are just "green washing" their brands to make them look eco friendly there are others who are true believers. Consumers are gravitating toward this and I believe as we emerge from this economic slump of 2008 - 2009 we will see more people looking for green web hosting services than they are for cheap web hosting services. My personal commitment is to work as hard as I can to make our industry green and I only have to look at photos of my children to renew that commitment and I have photos of my children everywhere.

The future of web hosting is Green.
How "Green" is GreenGeeks?

Green Geeks is carbon negative which means we do more than offset our carbon emissions we actually offset 300% of our emissions so we pull 1x of energy from the grid and put back 3x of wind powered energy to the grid. We also make internal modifications so our servers run cooler and use less energy which also means we use less energy to cool those servers.
What types of hosting service does GreenGeeks offer? Also, please brief us on GreenGeeks hosting plans.

We offer many types of web hosting. We have an unlimited plan so you can host unlimited domains & emails on unlimited disk space. Our clients use cPanel with the Fantastico script library which allows them to have many cool scripts like wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, chat and forums, shopping carts and so much more. We also include for free 2 web site builder programs as well as a free domain.
GreenGeeks is in's Top 10 Green hosting list and have consistently won awards and rave reviews over past years. What do you do to maintain this position?

We work hard to be honest with you. You cannot just put things on cruise control because in web hosting there are always curves ahead in the road and you have to stay alert and proactive and make sure that you are communicating and responding to your customers needs. Those companies whose top managers have lost their edge or gotten soft see their service levels depreciate, we're never going to be that company.

At Green Geeks quality web hosting is our goal. I promise that the awards that we have earned will never go to our head and that we will continue to strive to ear the reputation for those and to earning more industry awards.
Web hosting is a competitive business. What's unique about GreenGeeks? Why should customers opt for GreenGeeks?

Our price value added to our features makes us competitive in the marketplace along with the other top web hosting companies out there. The fact that we are the greenest web hosting company and we have a mission beyond building just a great company and in helping to turn this industry green is a big draw for all of those eco friendly and environmentally conscious consumers.
Global economy - Reports suggest that web hosting industry has done well in these difficult times. What is GreenGeeks doing to weather the storm?.

The global economy has been a bit of a hurdle for most people. For us we have to make sure that our price value resonates with consumers and that we work hard to earn the new customers we reach every day. We have actually seen an uptick in sales over the past few months so perhaps we are seeing our industry emerge from this economic downturn.
Please brief us more about your customer support department and support options.

We offer terrific customer support staffed by qualified, friendly knowledgeable people. We offer chat and phone services Monday - Sunday 8am EST to 9pm EST and we have 24x7x365 email support. In addition to this we have a comprehensive knowledgebase and video tutorials for our customers on ways to build their web sites, install scripts and setup email accounts amongst other things.
Noticed you have "Quality of Service Guarantee" specified in your website. Please brief us. Also discuss other Guarantees.

We have a 30 day money back guarantee which is standard. Plus we have a guarantee for our customers if there is ever any major occurrence that happens to their web sites which is our fault we will compensate our customers for their inconvenience.
Please brief us on your Datacenters and server reliability

Our data facilities are located in Chicago and they are a world class facility with climate controls, raised floors 24/7 security. They also have UPS & generators to ensure safety and security for our clients data as well as Juniper Edge routers and Cisco and Juniper switches. Our servers are Raid 10 servers which reduces the IO increasing server performance and more efficiently handle spikes than RAID 1 or RAID 5 machines. Needless to say Server reliability at Green Geeks is terrific and our uptime exceeds 99.9%.
Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting? What's your take? Does GreenGeeks plan to introduce Windows hosting?

Linux hosting is our specialty and we do not plan on offering windows hosting. In my experience windows hosting has flaws and is not very user friendly while Linux hosting is far more robust and reliable and better for customers.
Moving ahead: What are you future plans? How do you envision GreenGeeks 5 years from now?

In 5 years I envision to be one of the world's leader in web site hosting and I hope other hosts will follow our lead to become greener and more eco friendly. In 5 years I hope that we are not the only ones leading the charge to make our industry greener and I doubt that we will be.

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