10+ Excellent ASP.NET Resources

February 08, 2013

ASP.NET is one of the most popular frameworks for building web site from Microsoft. Here is a list of excellent ASP.NET resources for asp.net developer.

  1. Best ASP.Net Hosting companies

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    Here is a list of windows asp.net hosting companies and the detailed reviews of the top ten web hosting services. These are most popular reliable and affordable web hosts. These companies support different Versions of asp.net, SQL 2012/ SQL 2008/ SQL 2005 etc.
  2. ASP.Net Hosting coupons
    Find Web Hosting coupon codes and promo codes and save money when purchasing a domain or hosting. Large savings on premium Web Hosting.
  3. Best asp.net code generator
    This is a list of easy to use tools that can generate asp.net codes. Code Generator is a time-saving development tool.
  4. 10+ Tools for ASP.NET developer
    In this article, get some of the best tools available for .NET development. This list contains tools to create application, database, sql query and more. Use these development tools to help you create asp.net sites faster and with less effort.
  5. 16+ poll and survey software for your website
    poll-iconPolls are easy and fun to take, and add a unique content to your website. You can add a survey to your website using the asp.net poll scripts listed in this article.
  6. 16+ Most Popular Open Source Shopping Cart for Your Business
    In this article, find the asp.net shopping cart software to use for your web store. Add a shopping cart quickly to your existing website with few clicks.
  7. 5 Best ASP.NET Content Management Systems
    cms-iconContent Management Systems (CMS) simplify the complex task of writing numerous versions of code and make the website development process more flexible. Using CMS you can easily create and manage the content on Web page including text embedded graphics, photos, video, audio, and more. Here is a list of best asp.net based CMS.
  8. ASP.NET Chat / Instant Messaging Software
    In today’s modern world, almost all customers expect instant communication and help. An online chat system provides customers immediate access to help,cut down overall contact center costs and increase sales. Implement a simple chat application using ASP.NET Instant Messaging Software listed here.
  9. Windows web application gallery
    The Windows Web Application Gallery is a list of web applications that can be installed on Windows. Users can browse and view applications for different types of Web sites, ranging from photo galleries to blogs to ecommerce sites. The list of web applications that can be installed using Windows web application gallery may vary from host to host. But most of the asp.net web hosting allows you to install the scripts listed here.
  10. How You Can Choose Your ASP.NET Hosting
    If you are looking for quality ASP.NET hosting for your website read this article how to Choose Your ASP.NET Hosting .