5 Agitating Strategies that Hurt Your Blogging Success

October 19, 2017

5 Agitating Strategies that Hurt Your Blogging SuccessTweet This

Certain tactics will annoy the stuffing out of your readers. 

As a blogger you tend to have certain blogging blind spots. 

Readers see your blog through an entirely different prism than you. 

Your ego may overlook common but glaring issues that will turn off your readers in droves. 

By identifying, owning and releasing these agitating strategies you position yourself to become a more successful blogger. 

1: No Contact Form or Email Address Provided

Nothing feels more frustrating than trying to stalk a blogger for minutes, looking fruitlessly for a contact form or even a simple email address. 

Only offline celebrities should make it difficult to contact them. Until millions or billions of people know who you are, you do not have such a luxury. 

Open up.

Make it easy for readers to connect with you. 

Simply write off the high volume of spam emails as the cost of doing online business. 

Be accessible. 

Build trust. 

Stop hiding and agitating your readers. 

Posting your contact page, contact form and email address in high profile locations on your blog is a simple way to inspire your readers to trust you. 

2: Changing Topics with the Wind

Changing blog post topics every time you publish a post quickly annoys your readers.

One week, they expect personal development posts. The following week they see a blogging tips themed post. The following week, a home business post. 

Confusing your readers by attempting to cover multiple niches kills your chances at being a successful blogger because people love specialists but don’t care for generalists, or, jack of all trade types. 

Stay on topic or stray off course. Stick to your niche. The easiest way to build authority in your niche is to cover your core topic from a variety of angles. 

Stop annoying your readers. 

Stick to your niche. 

3: Drive By Comments

“Hey Ryan great post gotta go.”

On waking today I noted 260 comments in my spam folder. 

About 250 of those comments mirrored the drive by comment above. 

Garbage comments like these annoy all bloggers because the bloggers have no interest in building meaningful friendships using such a strategy; they only want a quick backlink. Not an attractive trait, trying to use people to get backlinks, traffic and profits. 

Change your strategy. 

Comment not to get, but to give. 

Give massive value through your comments by creating a 3-4 paragraph, in-depth, personalized piece of content. Think more mini guest post and less blog comment

Stop annoying bloggers. Amaze them with eye-popping, friendship-building blog comments. 

4: Continual Self Promotion

I advise promoting yourself freely to get clear on your blog. 

If you don’t advertise your content frequently, you likely have some lack of belief or clarity in your blog and your abilities. 

But promoting yourself only turns off most readers. Few people like a blogger who is only obsessed with promoting themselves because selfish people naturally repel most other human beings. 

Be generous. Promote other bloggers 2 times as much as you promote yourself. Or promote other bloggers up to 10 times as much as you promote yourself. 

Shouting out other bloggers on social media and through your blog is a clear, direct way to make friends, to boost traffic and to increase your blogging profits too. Your friend network will gladly take care of you. 

5: Infrequent Posting

I get wanting to pull back on posting for a while. 

We have all been there. 

But taking off weeks or even months is usually a recipe for disaster because it annoys the heck out of your readers. 

They want fresh, relevant content. At least once a week or bi-weekly. One blog post a month ain’t gonna cut it in almost every case because readers demand frequent, helpful updates to keep current in your niche. 

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5 Agitating Strategies that Hurt Your Blogging SuccessTweet This