Have You Outgrown Shared Web Hosting?

March 09, 2017

Have You Outgrown Shared Web Hosting?Tweet This

Launching a basic web site with simple and cheap shared hosting is the first step to start your online journey. Shared hosting is enough for a small website that has little resource and less traffic. For example a WordPress site with 200-300 visits per day won’t overload your shared hosting.

As your websites grow, so do your hosting needs. After some point your site may outgrow and shows signs to upgrade your website hosting. I personally recommend VPS over a shared solution. It really is just better all the way around when it comes to resource management and the ability to run more advanced scripts, plus ROOT access.

Here are some of signs that show it is time to switch from shared hosting to a VPS.

  • Your site experiences high traffic regularly or you start running out of resources.
  • Your site is taking too much time in loading – if your page loads exceed 4-5 seconds, it’s time to switch . You can use Yslow and google webmaster tool to know more about your site’s performance.
  • Your online store  grew out of a few products to large number.
  • Your shared web hosting provider suspends your website due to excessive usage of server resources.
  • You need to install specific software and require higher level permissions than your current shared hosting plan will allow.
  • Your site contains multiple heavy multimedia contents including videos and files to download.
  • Your application uses a LOT of resources.
  • If you receive huge traffic with more uploading and downloading activities and your site is going down

VPS has become preferred hosting solution among small to medium sized businesses. Check out our VPS hosting packages if you are interested in getting started.

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