Best code generators that saves you time and effort

January 15, 2013

Asp.Net code generator is a template driven Source Code Generator that automates the creation of common application source code for Code Generator help you get your job done faster.

There are many code generation options available for .NET. Here is a list of code generator options available. Some are commercial, some are free.

    1. Asp.Net Maker

      ASP.NET Maker is a powerful tool that let you create ASP.NET applications / ASP.NET Web sites quickly and easily. It works with Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Mysql, Oracle, PostgreSQL or other ODBC Data Source. The generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize.
    2. ApexSQL Code – Code Generator
      ApexSQL Code is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Code Generation tool for Microsoft SQL Server. It enables you to automatically generate thousands of lines of code in just seconds. Price: $199.
    3. The 3-Tier Code Generator3-Tier-Code-GeneratorThe 3-Tier Code Generator is a wonder tool that will generates all the code required for 3 tier architecture to be directly used in Visual Studio .NET. A 3-tier application is a program which is organized into three major disjunctive tiers. 1) Presentation tier (Front end), 2)Logical tier (Middleware), 3) Data tier (Backend).
    4. Code CompletecodecompleteCode Complete is a simple and reliable solution to build modern software applications within hours. Code Complete provides support for C# and VB.NET and for several existing architectures and ORM technologies, such CSAL.NET, Entity Framework and NHibernate. Code Complete provides a Visual Studio Add-in that you can use to generate fully working .NET applications based on your models. IT is using T4 Templates based code generation

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  • Smart Code Generatorsmart-code
    Smart Code Generator is 100% ASP.NET based codegeneration framework. The SmartCodeGenerator Project is simply an ASP.NET website project, and the SmartCodeGenerator Templates are ASP.NET User Controls.
  • CodeGeneratorProgeneratedcode-proCodeGeneratorPro is a powerful and easy to use .NET code generation tool to write applications faster. To create an application, you just need to write code template, and execute them against your database.
  • NextGeneration .NET Code Generator
    NextGeneration is a software development tool that saves you time and effort by quickly building database-driven applications. N-Tier solution templates for C# .NET, VB.NET and SQL get your project started rapidly. NextGeneration supports SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases. Generate stored procedures, data access objects, business service classes, DataSets and an ASP.NET Web interface in minutes instead of weeks.
  • MyGeneration Code Generator
    MyGeneration is a Template Based Code Generator Supporting Four Template Languages – JScript, VBScript, C# and VB.NET. MyGeneration supports Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, FireBird, and Interbase. It is 100% free. Save $199. No Adware or Spyware.


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