Design Features Web Developers Should Not Use

September 11, 2012


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There are so many features in web design and development that may look good if you have it, but the truth is annoying visitors, thus hurting your site. What should you add and what should be avoid all depends on how the user interacts with it. Will they be annoyed or will they like it?

Below are a list of web design features that web developers should avoid creating a user friendly site. The next time you set up a web design project or just update your site have a look at this list first to see what you need to remove and what should be kept.

  • Marquee Text
    Leave the marquee text on television because websites don’t need such a feature. Scrolling texts are an annoyance it is distracting readers from reading information. Marquee texts or anything that moves can catch everyone’s attention but not the way static texts can.
  • Locked Content
    If you want to generate subscriptions or increase earning, a trick that is spreading online is to lock the content. However, forcing people to get into premium subscription before they can view the content is very annoying. It cannot generate subscriptions nor increase revenue the way you expect it as visitors will simply leave your site and find another content that is not locked.
  • Paged Content
    If you split a page into several pages, people will get bored and leave the site. Even if the content has contains a thousand words, leave it as it is. Don’t add a page, it may increase click rate but not readers.
  • Lengthy Registrations
    Who doesn’t hate lengthy registrations especially if the information you are putting in is not actually required for such site. Take a look at how Facebook and Twitter’s registration page. It doesn’t take one page for them to register but only a few forms to fill in (name, email, password/confirm password). Moreover, there are other registration system that does not have a warning system to tell if the username/email address is already taken, and should be replace. This is very annoying specially when you click send, you need to enter every details again because your passwords do not match.
  • Reset Button
    When registering in a website, there exists a reset button in which when you need to clear everything just press the reset button. It may be convenient if you think of it but what if the user is registering on a tablet or a smartphone. There is a higher chance that they will press that reset button before they can even press submit. And besides, people know how to refresh a page these days so keep that reset button away from your site.
  • Splash Page
    Splash pages are cool if you intend it to convey a summary or information of your website but a drawback if you use the splash page to advertise.
  • Fixed Window Size
    Fixed windows sizes nowadays are not recommended since websites can now be viewed on smaller screen sizes like a phone or a tablet. It is best to design a website that will fit in every possible resolution. Be the one to adjust the window size of your website rather than telling your visitors to resize their web browser.
  • Captcha
    Captcha is the best method to ward off spam comments and registrations but with the technology we have today, captcha can be removed in registrations or comments. There is intelligent spam filtering nowadays which can tell a spam comment/registration from a true one based on studies on how spam works.
  • No right click
    No matter how you want your content be restricted, visitors will find a way to get your content. So, leave your content the way it is, you are just wasting your time.

Design Features Web Developers Should Not UseTweet This