Features that make Everleap a Popular Windows cloud Service Provider

October 31, 2014



They have been in the hosting industry since 2003. That’s over a decade in offering ASP .NET #web hosting, SQL database solutions and windows cloud servers.

I am talking about discount ASP team who are widely popular among windows hosting users. To bridge us to the next generation of Microsoft technologies, they have built Everleap,a #cloud hosting solution based on windows Azure and pack running and on their own servers independent of the windows Azure service.

Once we had the handle on the technology behind it we thought, why not take everything that’s great about this big cloud, get rid of the frustrating parts that make using it painful and difficult, and roll it all up in a familiar web hosting service package?Everleap was born out of a desire to make things better.

Frank Cheung and Takeshi Eto, founders of Everleap.

Everleap is what it is today because of the zealous input that the two have given it.

Join us as we explore everleap and determine whether it’s really is the leading provider for windows cloud hosting services.

We will also have a look at Everleap’s partners to see why they prefer this cloud service provider

Overview of cloud hosting plans.

Everleap offers you two main hosting plans both of which can be scaled up according to your increasing hosting needs.

  1. Cloud website plan

For users that are interested in managing one website, this plan best suits such a need. You will enjoy the following resources for only 20 dollars per month:


  1. Multi- domain cloud plan.

If you use a mixture of technologies and programming languages that have different configurations, then you should consider a multi- domain cloud plan on everleap.This plan has the following specifications:

  • 5 completely separate websites each having 2 load balancing cloud servers.
  • 25 GB of disk space.
  • 500 GB of bandwidth.
  • 5 GB of SQL 2014/2012(25 databases)
  • 5 GB of Mysql 5 storage space.(about 25 databases)
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To enjoy this service, please cough up some $40, and remember you won’t get a better deal at such a price. A deal that will guarantee you uptime and a strong technical support team that really knows their way around windows cloud hosting.

Delving into Everleap cloud hosting features

  1. Ability to configure different technologies on a multi-domain cloud

This has been a headache for so many companies running applications on a variety of programming languages. Here is a typical scenario that occurs frequently:

A cloud application based on ASP needs extra functionalities to process data to communicate with existing web services. It just happens that there is a PHP API that does just that (infact it’s open source).The developer is left with a huge dilemma. He can build an asp.net library and set up functions that will mimic the php api, or buy an extra hosting accounts that support php deploy the api there. The latter method will be expensive and will leave so many resources unutilized.

The multi-domain hosting plan can allow you to up to two websites and install a different application language and system database in each. You can then manage applications in different platforms under one multi-domain account.

  1. Load balancing

Everleap stores the actual site files on a central file server, then processes requests from a group of cloud web servers Load balancers. A load balancer is the first entry point for a website request from a site visitor. The load balancer has an algorithm to route traffic to the least busy cloud server for the quickest response.

This ensures website uptime even when a cloud server is undergoing maintenance. Since the load balancer will now forward all requests to the next available cloud web server.

I hope you can see why Everleap can confidently guarantee you a 100% uptime.

  1. Ability to boost your resources.

Method 1: Using Everleap’s power pack. —Some clients may find the hosting specifications quite low for their needs. They may be running applications that are guzzling up storage space and so the 5GB offer won’t cut it.

No need to lose heart, the everleap will boost your site resources using Power Packs. With Everleap’s power packs added to your cloud server, you will now enjoy up to 300% of your file storage space!

In addition, Everleap will raise your database space by a whopping 400% for both the SQL and Mysql database servers. With this storage, the number of databases you create is virtually unlimited.

Method 2: Everleap reserved cloud servers-Some clients may be content with the storage but may be concerned about the latency their cloud applications are suffering.

This occurs to applications that are either memory intensive or require a higher processing speed to complete a single task. When such apps receive multiple requests they may seem to perform slower.

That’s where the Everleap reserved cloud server comes in. A reserved cloud server comes with up to 2GB CPUS! This is your own private cloud server dedicated to running your sites and cloud apps.

With a dedicated processor, you no longer have to suffer from idle time-out on requests.Infact; there is no limit on the number of concurrent connections.

Another feature of the Everleap reserved cloud servers is that they handle all software updates, maintenance and security matters. This gives it an advantage over other virtual private servers where one has to do the operating system and software configurations.

Why spend hours trying to fix a security bug in your web-server whereas you could focus that valuable time on improving your web application.

  1. Domain name management with SSL support.

Did you know that Everleap is an accredited domain registrar? They also offer Domain privacy to ensure that clients who prefer confidentiality will not have their names published in WHOIS database.

All website owners who are security conscious invest in SSL for their domains. This is especially true of e-commerce websites. But having SSL over several domains can be quite expensive.

In comes SNI SSL from Everleap. Now these abbreviations are becoming too many so let us break that down.SNI stands for Server Name Indication. This is a computer protocol that indicates what hostname the client is attempting to connect at the start of a secure connection.

The beauty of SNI SSL is that a single IP address and TCP part that is serving several domains can run many secure HTTP connections without requiring the individual domains to use the same certificate. T

he benefit of SNI technology is that the SSL connections need not be tied to a specific IP address for every domain. The website owner ends up paying less for his SSL domain.

However,SNI technology is relatively new(it was launched in 2008).

Therefore, older browsers and operating systems do not support it.XP users for example, may receive server security errors when they visit an SNI SSL SITE.I surely hope you are not one of them. Microsoft ended support for XP early this year-April 2014.

Let’s get back to Everleap.

  1. Faster loading time thanks to a global content delivery network.

A content delivery network distributes files of your websites to other servers as cache. Users making HTTP requests to a website with CDN support will be served with files that are nearest to them within the global content delivery network.Therefore,the time delay between request and response is reduced and the site appears much faster.

To enjoy the CDN service, ensure the files that will be cached are not updated frequently.Also,be very careful when configuring CDN. The content delivery network can be easy to set up and works instantly. But clearing the cache from the CDN servers globally may take quite a while.

While you may be served the correct information that you have just updated, another site visitor halfway across the world is still reading yesterday’s content.

  1. Hack proof sites with sitelock.

Nothing gives a hacker more joy than succeeding to set up an annoying script on your website and denying you log in access.Everleap has teamed up with sitelock to ensure those embarrassing moments do not occur.Sitelock is a security service that can be configured to scan your site at a daily frequency.

Sitelock will detect spyware and spam, identify SQL injection loopholes as well as warn you of cross site scripting viabilities.

It also has secure malware automatic removal tools (SMART) that can login to your site via FTP and scan for any files that may seem suspicious and even delete them. This would take you days if you were to search manually with FTP.

Sitelock goes for $99 per year, but for Everleap clients the service is available for only $25 per year.Infact, Everleap users who also sign up for sitelock get to enjoy free content delivery network services for the first 25 pages of their sites.Everleap rocks!

4 Applications that work Seamlessly on your Everleap Hosting

  1. Premium WordPress Hosting.

Usually, Windows servers are not an ideal place to run PHP apps, but WordPress runs very well in Everleap cloud environment.

And we are talking about reliable, scalable and premium wordpress hosting here.with modern cloud hosting platform. As your wordpress blog’s traffic grows, it can scale seamlessly.

  1. BV commerce engine.

BV commerce is enterprise level software built under ASP.NET to provide e-commerce functions online.

An enterprise level application is bound to consume a lot of server resources and many website owners using BV commerce are forced to switch hosting platforms as the applications usage scales up. With Everleap, you need not worry about migration.

You can simply scale up per month depending on the needs of BV commerce.

Since Everleap is a fully managed cloud service, you need not worry about service packs and BV commerce patches.Everleap’s technical team will do that for you.

  1. DotNetNuke

The DotNetNuke platform also known as DNN refers to a free open source community edition content management system (or CMS).It runs on .Net framework which is connected to an SQL database backend for all records.

Everleap recommends that for starters one can go for a basic cloud windows hosting option. Then just like BV commerce, a client can scale up depending on the need.

  1. Kentico.

   This is a decade old software which bundles up all the features of online marketing. The latest version is even more popular due to its mobile support.

With Kentico and a Microsoft ASP.NET hosting provider, there is no limit to what you can build on the web.

Starting from a simple intranet site, to a company website, an online community platform or even a fully fledged e-commerce and billing solution, Kentico has it all.

Sites built using kentico can be enhanced using the search engine optimization tools as well as other documents management plugins and online marketing features that kentico software provides.

If you would like to know how kentico looks under the hood you can get the kentico service code to view it. There are some configurable web parts that you can customize to suit your business.

By the way, Everleap has been a kentico partner for over a decade. This partnership has boosted the stability of kentico through several software patches and bug fixes and you can be sure you are using a software that has been tried and tested for over 10 years.

  1. NopCommerce

Ah! An open source software based on ASP.NET, how generous of the Nop Commerce team!

Everleap is a NopCommerce sponsor for this worthy cause. Once you sign up for an Everleap account, you can request them to install nopcommerce for free.

Once nopcommerce is installed, you will have an admin backend into which you can login and design a shopping cart. The front end displays a catalog for clients to choose a product.

This app may not have many features (of course it’s free) but at least you can get a pretty e-commerce platform running on Everleap.

Our Two CentsWe have reviewed Everleap and are amazed at how they have achieved running .NET apps in the cloud under windows Azure.

Everleap is one of the few windows hosting companies that have managed this.Expect great customer support from Everleap, they are always online to respond to inquiries even to people who are not Everleap’s clients.

Finally, remember a cloud server is a powerful set of infrastructure and owning an account comes with great responsibility. Please ensure you abide by the service level agreement from Everleap and always use the service within the fair usage policy.

Have fun on the cloud!

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