Google RankBrain in 2018 (SEO)

February 08, 2018

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Every SEO expert knows about RankBrain and even though it is revealed in 2015, people are still debating about it.

How to define RankBrain, is it really that important and would it affect the current SEO?

Before we can answer those questions, let’s move back few steps.

What is RankBrain and what is its purpose?

RankBrain is neither an update nor algorithm.

The best way to describe RankBrain is to define it as an artificial intelligence program which has one purpose and that is to define Google search queries better than before.

RankBrain is helping Google by turning those queries into vectors. That is pretty important because that transformation helps the computer understand what people are looking for on Google and it defines the best solution for old and new keywords.

I am sure you have all encountered at least once with a failed Google search queries, where Google didn’t offer you a good solution so you had to add keywords or completely rephrase the question.

Well, RankBrain is here to minimize that situation. It has the ability to understand the question and give you the answer you are looking for.

RankBrain is constantly evolving its knowledge which fills the SERP with new keywords and new articles. It is focusing on people’s engagement more than ever before.

Will RankBrain affect your SEO?

Like I already mentioned, RankBrain is not an update made by Google so there is a low risk of a negative effect on your SEO, but there is a chance you will notice the changes on your website.

The most important change you can see is if you use long-tail keywords.

One of the biggest features of RankBrain is combining all similar long-tail features into one query.

If you are looking for “best wooden fireplace” or “best fireplace for the living room” you will end up on the same page.

What RankBrain tries to achieve with that selection is to combine the best results for the keyword you entered in Google search.

People can be writing different things in Google search, but they are actually looking for the same thing.

They all think similar but most of them won’t use identical keywords.

If you are tech savvy, you already know that you have to write “best fireplace for the living room” if you are looking for that, but someone who is not so fluent on the internet will write “where can I buy a fireplace for my home”.

In the past, that would end up with completely different search results, but RankBrain will put answer queries with the same articles.

So, if you have tons of websites which are talking about the same thing, you should move away from them and focus more on making one “brand” around different keywords.

That is actually old news and now is the last chance for you to step away from long-tail websites and move onto something better and more value for your readers.

So, if you are one of the last few who tries to make a living by making, and tons of other similar websites, you should move on.

RankBrain and the public

There would be no changes in Google search for the public.

That means that the public they won’t notice the difference on Google, nor would they know that RankBrain is behind the scenes.

Actually, the only difference they may experience is an improvement in SERP.

That means that every change that is going to happen is behind the scenes.

If you are using Google as a source of information then you don’t have to worry about adjusting to a new form of Google, but if you are using SEO on your websites then I would suggest you start looking for RankBrain information and get to know it.

Keep in mind that RankBrain is Google’s 3rd most important ranking signal and it is observes everything on the Google.

That means that besides adjusting keywords and articles to the public, it is also observing the time spent on your website, the engagement people have on your website, bounce rate…

Due to that, if you want to improve in RankBrain’s eyes, you have to make articles which are full of true information.

They have to be relevant to the keyword (SEO) and they have to provide value to the readers. RankBrain evaluates user experience on every site on the internet and if your readers aren’t satisfied with your content, neither will RankBrain be.

How to Use RankBrain For Your Advantage

Having a long and dull article on the 1st Google page for one keyword is not enough.

You have to give value to your article so the people stay on your website and spend time on it.

Your website’s reputation can be more important than your current position on Google so if you notice the drop on Google, revise your articles because they may not be as valuable as you thought they were in the first place.

If you have a website which is all about current news, then one of the most important improvements you have to add to your website is freshness.

Keep the page up to date and you won’t have any issue with the RankBrain.

Actually, if you provide the quality and valuable material on your website, it may even give you a boost.


For now, RankBrain looks like a good update which is focused on the quality and value one site offers to the readers, which puts the readers at the top. Will that stay the same, we will see.

I am sure that Google has still few tricks up their sleeve and the best way we can do is to stay up to date and learn about it every day.

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