How to create your own classifieds site using ClassiPress

July 18, 2014

ClassiPress is a Premium WordPress theme that turns your wordpress website into a classified website. ClassiPress is a good base for building a successful classifieds website and you can set it up without needing any additional plugins. Create any classified ads type of site, like: car ads, clothes for sale ads, house for sale ads,  toys for sale ads, high-tech ads.

Classipress - Wordpess Classifieds Theme

Classipress – Wordpess Classifieds Theme

Main features

  • Easy to customize front page and add features with just a few clicks. ClassiPress comes in 5 Color schemes. You can upload your own logo and banner ads.
  • Add different ad categories
  • Create free or paid ad listing options. You can setup conditional membership packs and custom ad packages. Decide on your own pricing structure. Integrated PayPal and Bank Transfer payment gateways.
  • ClassiPress has very advanced search options necessary for any classified portal.
  • Add Coupons and Discount Codes
  • Fully responsive design
  • Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • Real time twitter feed

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Step 1 – Install WordPress on your website

Installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. Many web hosts now offer tools to automatically install WordPress for you. Click here to view step by step guide on Install WordPress for your website

Step 2 – Purchase and Install ClassiPress

Purchase ClassiPress theme. After you have downloaded the theme from your customer account dashboard, you will need to upload this into WordPress and install it. See how to install ClassiPress from WordPress Admin

Step 3 – Configure Your Classified Ad Website Settings

  • Log into your site admin. Go to ClassiPress >> Settings
  • Set up the homepage look and feel: classipress settingsYou can choose from two different home page layouts and five different color schemes.
    Home page design
    Home page design

    You can also upload your own logo.

    Upload Logo
    Upload Logo
  • Google Maps Settings:
    Google maps
    Google maps

    Google map shows the address that the advertiser input into the ad listing. You can change the default settings to your preferred region/ country map.I’m pretty sure that other setting seen on this page are self-explanatory.

  • Set up Classified Ads Configuration:
    ad listing
    ad listing

    Next go to Listings tab. You can set up Classified Ads Configuration and image options here.

  • Set up Security features: Go to Security tab. Here you can set up reCaptcha service that will protect your site against spam registrations.
  • Go to Advertising tab. You can upload banner ads there.

  • Next go to Email. Here you can set up site email options and New User Registration Email settings.

  • Setting up Payment options in ClassiPress :With classipress you can let users create free and paid ads. You can set up different pricing options for paid ads. You can either charge for listings or create membership plan to let user create as many ads as they want within the given membership time period. Go to ClassiPress > Pricing. If you want to charge for putting ads, select that option under pricing Configuration.
    • Pricing

      Then you can set up following pricing models:
      1) Fixed Price per Ad(if you are selecting this option, go to ClassiPress > Packages and create ad packages)
      2) Price per Category(different prices for ads listed in each category)
      3) % of Sellers Ad Price
      4) Only Charge for Featured Ads(charge only for featured on home)

    • Enable Memberships option

      First Enable Memberships – Go to ClassiPress > Pricing. Click the Membership tab >> In the Membership Options page choose Yes to enable Membership Packs.

    • Create a Membership PackGo to ClassiPress > Packages.
      create packages
      create packages

      In this page you will see existing ad packages and membership packages. Click on Add new button to create new package.

      Membership package
      Membership package

      For eg create a membership that allows membership holders to pay $100 to run unlimited ads for 30 days, or Create a membership pack that allows membership holders to buy an ad for any category for 60% of the full price of an ad. Play with it and create different Membership Packs.

    • Payment gateway Settings – In order to accept payments on your site, you will need to sign up with a payment gateway service(for e.g. paypal). Go to Payments > Settings > General tab. Fill out the options.Identifier – allows you to choose between currency symbol and code
      Position – determine where the identifier should be displayed
      Thousands Separator – change to meet your regional price formatting
      Decimal Separator – change to meet your regional price formatting
      Tax Charge – add regional tax to the listing or membership purchase price
  • Creating Custom Fields and Forms for creating ads – ClassiPress allows you to create your own custom forms and fields while creating ads. If you do not wish to use this feature there is nothing you need to do. ClassiPress includes the most advanced search available within a WordPress theme. For example, say you had two categories. Toys and clothes. Searching in the toys category would give you advanced search fields like leaning toy, puzzles, building blocks, computer which would not apply at all to the clothes category. By default, it is not activated so have to set it setup and configured properly.
  • Creating a Classified Ad:Now your site is ready to post ads.
    1. On your homepage, click on the “Post an Ad” button to the right of the main navigation menu.
    2. Select the category to which you want to put ad >> Click “Go” to proceed.
    3. In the ad form fill the relevant fields.
    4. If the “Featured Listing” check box is available, you can select this to have your ad appear in the featured ads slider.
    5. Depending on the price structure set for the site, you may see Ad Package options dropdown box.
    6. Fill “Coupon Code” field If any discount coupon offered by the site. Click “Continue” to proceed.
    7. In the next page review your entry and the summary of how much the ad will cost.
    8. If it is a paid ad, then you will see a dropdown menu with the payment gateway options available.
    9. If you do not need to pay to put  ad , you will receive a success message. If you need to pay to put ad, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your transaction.

      classipress ads

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