How to develop a Web Application ?

July 06, 2021

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Are you looking for a perfect Web Application solution? Well, you are at the right place.

First of all, web development is not as scary as it sounds. Secondly, there is a slight difference between a Web Application, a Mobile Application, and a Website.

What is the difference? Okay, let’s not beat around the bush and understand all about web app development.

What is Web Application Development?

A web application is simply a computer program run on a web browser to perform specific tasks. These web applications are interactive. Web applications persistently follow the CRUD ( Create, Read, Update, Delete) model.

The most straightforward example could have a form that pop-ups on your website. And, the more advanced versions of web applications could be Netflix, Pixlr, etc.

They run on a web browser like Google Chrome and are built using programming technologies like HTML, CSS, etc.

Web App v/s Mobile App v/s Website

The web application can be accessed on any device via a web browser. On the other hand, a mobile application is built for specific platforms like iOS, Android, etc.

Website is exactly the opposite of a web application. While the web app uses the input model CRUD. In comparison, website development follows the output approach— readable content only like news portals, the information providing articles, the FAQ section of any website, etc.

What is a Progressive Web Application?

Progressive web applications are a slightly newer version of their’ native applications’. They can be accessed on both your PCs and mobile devices and can work on any standards-compliant browser.

Progressive web applications can also be downloaded on your devices and set as icons to be directly accessed.

Some famous examples of progressive web applications can be— Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, BookMyShow, Flipkart, etc.

What are Web Hosting Companies?

Web hosting is as important to a web application as honey to a honeybee! That sounds too weird a comparison. But what’s true is true. A web hosting company helps any web application become accessible to your customers via the world wide web (www). So, the accessibility of your web application is in the hands of your web hosting company. Here are the names of some hosts which are considered by many as the best web hosting companies:

Pick the hosting company according to your budget, suits your hosting needs, and blend well.

Easy Web Application Development  Steps 2021

1. Planning

Find out the idea. The idea can only come up when you bring an ultimate solution to a widespread problem. So, research the market and find out the problem.

Once the problem is found— your idea is its solution! You can start developing a web application on that idea.

Just like BookMyShow solved the searching and pre-booking problem for any event or show. You can find a solution to some prevailing problem.

2. Wireframe

Once the idea is decided, now, you can start with the wireframing process. Wireframing is nothing but preparing a diagram or a prototype of your web application. There are many software available online which you can use for wireframing, like Sketch, Adobe XD, Figma, etc.

3. Pick Firepower

Choose the correct combination of tools to build the application. For instance, what database are you going to use? ReactJS or any other? Choose the DBMS according to the API functions that you must need.

4. Build the Architecture


The decided database helps determine how much data and what type of data you want to store for the functioning of your application.


Generally, the front-end and back-end structures are prepared simultaneously to check the coordination. The front-end or fend is built based on the wireframe that you created in the beginning. It is made using HTML, JS, and CSS basically.


The back-end is the base on which your web application’s primary functions are based, including the front-end. All the essential user functions like user information, authorization, HTTP functionalities are based on the back-end structure.

5. Testing

You can either take parallel testing while developing or considering testing once the whole application is ready and running. In both ways, every part of the application should be tested individually to fix even minor bugs.

6. Hosting and Deployment Process

The last step is to buy a domain name and run your web application on a server.

For that, one more action is needed—the deployment process.

The deployment step needs a cloud provider. So, get a cloud hosting service (find a CI tool to transfer the web application to the cloud provider).

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So, long story short, web application development is easy and profitable. Now that you know the steps. It is time to contact a web developer and get an affordable and amazing web application made instantly.

We are here to help you!

We simplified the web application process for you. Still thinking, how to develop a web application? Well, this is 2021, so gear up! Call us to get a free consultation. There is no harm in doing that, right? Idea Usher guarantees you that we keep our promises! Ease those creases, calm your nerves and let’s build that unique web application together.


Is ASP. Net dead in 2021?

Web hosting provided for Active page servers (ASP) is called ASP. Net. However, they are not so popular nowadays.

Is Facebook a Web Application?

Yes, Facebook is a very successful example of a long-running web application.