Interserver CMS Web Hosting – What is included?

February 20, 2017

Interserver CMS Web Hosting – What is included?Tweet This

Using a CMS is the best way to develop websites. A content management system (CMS) is a collection of procedures used to create and update website content through an intuitive, web browser-based editor.

  1. With a Content Management System, even non-technical users can make updates to the site easily without calling a “web guy”. Let’s say you wanted to quickly change some text in one of your web pages, you can easily update it.
  2. Content management systems store content in a database, where it’s easily accessible and separate from site layout. Redesigning your website can be done separately from the content.
  3. Most CMS will come with frequent upgrades to add more functionality.
  4. CMS will include tools for SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and blogging.

Interserver provides a large collection of CMS software with all their hosting plans.

With interserver, you will get free automated installation of CMS software mentioned below and 24/7 expert support and other basic features like, unlimited disc space & Data Transfer, $1.99 Domain Registration, Easy to use cPanel Control Panel with 1 click Script Installer, unlimited emails & FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL 5 Databases etc.

Here is a list of php based CMS available with interserver hosting.


Mambo is a powerful content management system that can be used for creating simple as well as more complex corporate websites. Mambo is a PHP/MySQL-based application and is used for creating many small businesses and personal sites.

Get mambo hosting


PHPNuke is a powerful Open Source portal application. PhpNuke allows webmasters and editors to easily post new content and comment existing articles. PHP Nuke is written in PHP and requires a MySQL database. With Interserver, you will get free automated installation of phpNuke and 24/7 support from phpNuke experienced technical staff.

Get phpNuke hosting


Geeklog is a PHP/MySQL based open source application for managing dynamic web content. Greeklog is a blog engine, or a CMS with support for comments, trackbacks, multiple syndication formats, spam protection, and all the other vital features of such a system. Interserver meets all Geeklog hosting system requirements. With Interserver, you will get free automated installation of greeklog and 24/7 support from greeklog experienced technical staff.

Get geeklog hosting


phpWCMS is a PHP/MySQL-based Open Source content management system. phpWCMS is very easy to learn and is perfect for professional, public and private users. Interserver meets all phpWCMS hosting system requirements. For $5.00/month, you will get free automated installation of phpWCMS and 24/7 support from phpWCMS experienced technical staff.

Get phpWCMS hosting


TYPO3 is a free Open Source content management system for enterprise purposes on the web and in intranets. It offers full flexibility and extendability while featuring an accomplished set of ready-made interfaces, functions and modules. Interserver meets all Typo3 hosting system requirements. For $5.00/month, you will get free automated installation of SiteframeTypo3 and 24/7 support from Typo3 experienced technical staff.

Get Typo3 hosting


XOOPS CMS is a php based, easy to use content management system which is ideal tool for developing small to large dynamic community websites, intra company portals, corporate portals, weblogs and much more.

Get   Xoops hosting


Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP. Drupal supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.

Get Drupal hosting


Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.

Get Joomla hosting

CMS Made Simple

CMS Made Simple is an open source content management system which helps experienced web developers and designers to create sites of power and beauty in a fraction of the normal time.

Get CMS Made Simple hosting


Using Zikula you can create and administer an impressive, dynamic web site with a minimal amount of HTML knowledge through a web browser.

Get Zikula hosting

Website Baker

Website Baker is a free PHP-based, easy to use, secure, flexible and extensible Open Source Content Management System.

Get website baker hosting

sNews CMS

sNews is a PHP and MySQL driven free Content Management System. Using sNews, you can create a Corporate CMS or a personal blog website. You can publish dynamic pages and have a blog at the same time.

Get sNews hosting


MODx is a free, fast and flexible ajax and seo Open Source Content Management Framework.

Get Modx hosting

SilverStripe CMS

SilverStripe CMS is a free open source easy to use CMS for website editors. It is very flexible and many extensions are available.

Get SilverStripe hosting

Other CMS’s

Sum it up!

As you can see, Interserver has free automated installation for most if the popular CMS software mentioned above. Application specific support expertise is also one of the important factors that attracts developers towards InterServer. It is a great choce for sure!

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