Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: An In Depth Analysis Operating Systems in Web Hosting

April 18, 2012

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: An In Depth Analysis Operating Systems in Web HostingTweet This

When looking for a web hosting provider, one of the things we look into is the features. We first look for what operating system the servers run, the needed features for your website is the next thing we ask. What is Linux and windows web hosting? Do they differ from one another?

This article will explain the operating systems and what are their capabilities. It is not meant to compare and contrast operating systems, and if you already have a system of your own, better stick to it unless you know what you are doing.

Linux web hosting

Linux is a free and open sourced operating system readily available to install and be used by anyone willing to start a web hosting. Linux uses open source products, a direct alternative to what we commonly pay in proprietary operating system but as competitive as the proprietary software. Linux is well known for stability and is very compatible on all kinds of hardware.

Linux is a reliable and dependable operating system. Since it is free, web hosting companies offer Linux web hosting at reduced cost than Windows web hosting. Based on web developers and website owners, Linux run faster as a server when compared to using Windows servers; therefore, your website loading time speeds up.

Linux is maintained by a number of developers and contributors worldwide. Which means, problems, bugs, or issues are fixed as soon as it is flagged to developers. You won’t stick to one problem for years, instead benefit on a constantly improving operating system.

Windows web hosting

Windows is a proprietary operating system created by Microsoft. Proprietary means it is run by a company meaning you will have to pay for licensing fees in order to run the software. A well known operating system that people nowadays use and is very user friendly. It is also gaining popularity in web hosting because it is an easy to use approach and has ASP.NET, a popular web development platform for developers.

Choosing Windows means you have to buy every software you will need in order to set up a server. However, proprietary software are maintained in a company so, you will get what you’ve paid for. If anything goes wrong, a team of highly trained professionals will be able to help you with it.

Quality and professionalism is what Windows web hosting offers; however, you will need to pay for higher fees for it.

Windows or Linux web hosting?

Linux is well known for stability and unmatched security while Windows is best in quality of products and services.

Choosing between the two depends on your knowledge and preference. If you feel confident in using Windows web hosting, do not hesitate to get a Windows web host as this will benefit you in the long run. This goes same with Linux web hosting, if Linux is what you like then get Linux as your operating system. You are free to explore on what operating to choose, most web hosting providers will let you try either one of those anyway.

Recommended Linux hosting: Bluehost
Recommended Windows hosting: InterServer

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: An In Depth Analysis Operating Systems in Web HostingTweet This