Reasons Why Hosting Companies Have Different Prices over Similar Packages

January 14, 2013

While shopping for hosting packages, you may have noticed that one company offer similar hosting package over the other but is priced differently. There are numerous factors that affect hosting package price – some are reasonable, some not. So, let’s explore the reasons some hosting providers are expensive, and why some are cheap even though the have similar packages.

Hosting server specifications

Web server specifications Web servers are configured differently for each package. For instance, the hardware used affects greatly how they price your package. Older server processors may be priced lower than those servers that use high-end processors. Another factor is speed. A 3.0 Ghz server, for example, is more expensive than a 2.4 Ghz server since you’ll be reaping the benefits of faster server response times.

Hosting support

One of the most important factor in determining the price is the quality of support they offer. Hosting companies that have well-trained customer support representatives are indeed expensive because they focus in improving their support team’s skills. Another issue is the number of representative they hire to do customer support. The more representative they have, the faster you’ll get a response.

Hosting Features

Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux hosting because they need to pay a license fee for a Windows Server operating system. Other features like SSL support, JSP, scripting languages will also affect the price of your web hosting package.

Data centers & Network Quality

To ensure quality network speed, most web hosting providers have their servers put in data centers located anywhere in the world. For a more quality network, a web server have to pay more for the advanced network optimization. This isn’t free so web companies will charge you more in place of faster network speeds.

Over Selling

Some hosts restrict the number of domains per server in a fairly reasonable number. This ensures that every customer will experience better quality of service to their clients by offering a decent server resources to each of their clients. This limitation will also mean that web hosting companies will charge you more so they’ll be able to pay their data centers.

Green hosting

As you know, the web hosting servers run 24 hours a day and therefore, consumes a lot of energy. The green hosting companies generate their own energy by either solar power, wind turbines or other methods. Thus green web hosting companies put their efforts in preserving the nature. But their daily operation cost may be higher when compared to other web host companies. This also mean that green web hosting companies will charge you more so they’ll be able to cover these expenses. Choose a Green Hosting company today and be a part of Green Hosting Revolution.


This doesn’t mean that an expensive hosting package will provide excellent hosting service than cheaper ones. There are many budget hosting companies providing best web  hosting, best customer support and do not oversell their servers. Remember to prioritize your needs and choose wisely. Choose a plan that is not too expensive that it will not give you enough Return on Investments (ROI) and not too cheap that it  does not help your business to grow.  If in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask questions to avoid unscrupulous web hosts.
The following are some of reputed hosting companies proving reliable hosting service.

Bluehost, WebHostingHub

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