4 strong Reasons to Switch to Another Hosting Provider

January 11, 2013


4 strong Reasons to Switch to Another Hosting ProviderTweet This

Change is what makes everything better, but people tend to resist change.

In this case, people often accept what they’re web hosting provider is giving them even though it’s not as good as promised because they are afraid to transfer to another hosting provider because of a lot of changes they’ll encounter.

However, transferring from one domain to another is very simple and can also aid with saving a lot of money more than spending one.

Why your hosting provider is a big disappointment?

Here are some common complaints against hosts.

  • Poor Reliability – Your sites being down to many times or being too slow at certain times.
  • Bad Technical Support – You have some problems in your site and customer support people are not doing anything to solve the issue.
  • Not providing required functionality – for example you want to install some 3rd party script and your current hosting provider does not meet the minimum requirements.
  • Your current hosting provider can no longer meet your needs – as your site grows, you need more disk space and bandwidth, more database resources, more email resources or you want to add more domain but your hosting provider do not has any upgrade option.
  • Cost – Some hosts charge too much, and some have plans that have changed prices higher than what you have paid before. Other issue comes with ownership especially with free hosting solutions where you don’t have the right to own your domain.
  • Your Hosting Provider is going out of business.

Website transfer is not difficult as you think.

Website owners usually delay transferring their domain because they fear that only a portion of their website will get transferred, or it might interrupt their service.

However, transferring is as easy as pie. Many hosting providers help you transfer your website content over to them for FREE. Additionally, web hosting providers announce your visitors during the transfer to let them know when your site will go live.

Benefits of Website Transfer

    1. Cheaper Costs:: The numbers of hosting providers are rapidly rising every day and they give you more than competitive pricing on hosting. Hosting price nowadays is cheaper than before. You can even use web hosting coupons and save money.
    2. All your websites in one hosting provider : When you consolidate all your websites in one hosting provider, you’ll save a lot of money. Having your websites centrally located is not only convenient, but a very practical thing to do.
    3. Easy management : Having to do maintenance to all your websites located in different hosting is very time consuming. With a centrally-located domain, you can take advantage of batch control and any changes you made in one domain will also be reflected on other domains. Read  Why multiple domain name hosting is good for business.
    4. More security: Since your running your websites under one domain, you are certain that your contact information is accurate and up-to-date. Inaccuracy can make domain names get lost on the internet.


Change can indeed make a difference, just set aside your fears. If you are not happy with your hosting company, don’t just sit there and do nothing.

Make a move that you think will benefit your website. Domain name transfers nowadays are cheap and have a lot of long term benefits, so why stick to your old host?

And besides, you can benefit from cheaper costs, additional features, convenient management system, and additional security for your website once you have transferred from your crappy registrar to a better one.

Best Recommended Web Hosts(With Free Migration/Transfer)

  • InterServer, a NJ (Secaucus) based high performance web host, has been around for since 1999. Best support as well. It provides free transfer/migration for all your websites, provided you have cPanel in old hosting(which will in 99% cases)
  • Siteground: A leading web host with good uptime and best support. Feature rich hosting plans. Best for wordpress hosting as well. Sitegroundcan transfer your website without any downtime One free transfer is included for it’s GrowBig and GoGeek plans.

4 strong Reasons to Switch to Another Hosting ProviderTweet This