Small Business Web Hosting: Tips to Start Your First Online Business

September 12, 2011

Starting a business does have its necessary tools and equipment for it to become successful fast. This goes the same when starting your business online. The more you put an effort in it the more that it can progress faster.

By effort I mean that you have to put money in your business. I know you can see free platforms for creating a website but this won’t get you to the top. If you want to aim higher, pay the price for it.

So you are thinking of setting up a website?

Here are some tips:

Choose your brand. This will be your domain name. Your website is a part of your marketing strategy so here is how you can create a selling brand.

Make it unique and easy to remember. Because this will be your domain name.
Be sure that it matches the product or service that you are selling.

There are three ways you can name your brand:onlinebusiness

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  1. With SEO friendly keywords: ex.,,
  2. Combination of words: ex.,,
  3. Unique:,,

The advantage of SEO friendly keywords is that you can get a higher page ranking in popular search engines. Do not stuff too much keyword in it, just make sure you put your main keyword if you prefer to brand your business with SEO friendly keywords.

Combination of words and unique words are often a way to stand out from the rest, you may not be SEO optimized but once your brand name become well-known, you will not be forgotten.

Buy all the domain names of your brand. This will ensure that your original name won’t get snatched by somebody else. Your brand name is your reputation so if someone snatches it then use it for other malicious, your reputation might get hurt.

Choosing Servers

There are three different kinds of business web hosting servers, virtual, clustered, and dedicated.

Virtual Server is a cheaper alternative for dedicated server. It is often the best choice for starting your own business online since the start-up cost is the cheapest in all servers.

If your business becomes popular and you get a lot of traffic, being in a virtual server won’t be sufficient to hold it. A clustered web server will be your option because it is not only reliable but also can carry heavy amounts of traffic. But this cost more than virtual servers so it is recommended if your business becomes well-known.

Then if you want more customization out of your website, you want to be able to sustain more traffic, and be the fastest website there is, choose dedicated servers. This kind of server will permit you to rent your own server, choose your hardware, the software, and other stuffs. And because it is your own server, your website will be the only one in it. So a faster and more responsive website. However, this is the most expensive option of all.

The advantage of  business web hosting

Choose a good small business web hosting company that gives more priority to your business needs. Best Email servers and spam-protection, round the clock support, daily backup of your data etc are some of the most required features  of a good web host. Choose the best one.

Our recommendations:

Recommended Business hosting companies: Inmotion

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