What is SSD Web Hosting (High Speed Hosting) and why you need one?

March 20, 2015

why you need SSD hosting

What is SSD Web Hosting (High Speed Hosting) and why you need one?Tweet This

Hard disk plays a very important role for a web server. Majority of hosting servers use a hard disk drive (HDD) for file storage. But in recent years, web hosting companies have begun to use SSD as the primary drive. Let’s see what is a HDD and what is a SSD.

HDD Explained


HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive. A hard disk drive consists of a rigid disc made with non-magnetic material, which is coated with a thin layer of magnetic material. That coating stores your data. The disk spins at a high speed and a magnetic head mounted on a moving arm is used to read and write data. This spinning action leads to delayed response time and a humming noise of a computer. HDD can be used for many years without problems.



SDD Explained


SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Unlike the HDD, the SSD do not have moving parts, and data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips. Since there are no moving parts involved in read/write requests, the SSD has better transfer speed and better performance than HDD. Additionally, a chance of losing data by some small mishandling is less. SSD can function in extreme high and low temperatures along with its ability to withstand extreme shock and force. Hence, your data is extremely safe with SSD.


Why you need SSD Web Hosting?

A fast loading web site is the key to a better user experience. Nobody likes to wait for service. So, even a 1-second page load delay can loose 7% potential customers. Also Page load time is  obviously an important factor of search engine ranking.

There are many factors that affect the Page Load Time. Choosing suitable hosting for your venture is the first step in starting a website. Leading web hosting providers are using various technologies to boost their hosting speed. Using SSDs is one such method which increase the page loads faster and bring their customers a better web hosting environment.

  • Improve performance on database Driven Applications
    Currently, many websites are created with open source web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal or e-commerce store which requires a lot of database input and output (I/O).  As your site gets more traffic, the amount of I/O requests increases. If your hosting company is using HDD, access will be slow due to the mechanical movement of the HDDs.
  • SSD Hosting for fast response time
    An SSD does not have a mechanical arm to read and write data, it instead relies on an embedded processor called a controller to perform reading and writing data. With a lack of moving parts, SSD takes 20 times less time to access data than HDD.
  • SSD Hosting for very busy site 
    With HDD, the physical limitations of spinning hard disks and the mechanical head restricts the amount of information that can be requested at a given time. Therefore, the loading time will significantly more than SSD.
  • SSD Hosting for Increased reliability
    The lack of moving parts also means they’re less susceptible to shock or vibration damage. SSDs can also operate in a wider range of temperatures from freezing to 60 or 70 degrees C.  So your data is more safe with SSD hosting.
  • Environmental Considerations
    SSDs require very little power to operate than HDD, and translates  less heat output . So entire datacenter consumes significantly less power at peak load.

Recommended SSD hosting companies

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What is SSD Web Hosting (High Speed Hosting) and why you need one?Tweet This