10 Best jQuery Plugins You Just Cannot Afford To Miss

March 27, 2018

10 Best jQuery Plugins You Just Cannot Afford To MissTweet This

These Jquery plugins can do wonders for your app!

The latest version of jQuery, i.e. jQuery 3.0 is finally here and developers across the world are working towards using the new functionality.

jQuery 3 comes packed with some powerful and high-performing features that are meant to enhance the front-end website experience.

Other than this, jQuery also comes packed with some enticing plugins that not only accelerate the performance but also give your website a unique look and feel.

The use of these plugins helps developers modify font style, borders, color contrast, allow adding animations, music and videos.

Use of these functionality improves the experience and increases user retention on the website.

 Here is a list of top 10 jQuery plugins that are of great use for web developers:



This jQuery plugin helps in the development of full screen modal with CSS3 transitions. These transitions can be used by developers to create their own transition.



This plugin comes with thousands of open source libraries. The plugin works seamlessly across modern web browser and supports responsive design completely. 



This powerful jQuery UI datepicker offers a hassle-free way to organize dates for input fields. Developers can easily select the date format, border color, text color, animation and so on amongst various other enhancing effects.

Round Slider


With the help of this jQuery slider, developers will be able to select a range of values by mousing over the circle. It is featured with CSS styles that can be adjusted to theme. The plugin is fully supported with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE9+ and so on.



This plugin allows to create a responsive design that looks great on any device. But, if the website is already cropping images to accommodate certain viewports, it can often lose the focal point.

However, with the help of this plugin, developers will be able to ensure that the image looks great in any container. The plugin crops out unwanted parts for clear appeal.



Readable lets you create optimally sized paragraphs for maximum readability. With the help of this plugin, developers can be rest assured that their text blocks stay within the optimum parameters for readability.

The plugin inserts styling between 45th and 75th character of every tag on the page.


Magnific Popup



It is a lightbox jQuery plugin that emphasizes on performance and user experience.

It is super fast and works perfectly across a huge range of devices including the high retina display like MacBook Pro.

Owing to its conditional lightbox functionality, it can automatically be switched to a mobile-friendly source on small screen size.

When it comes to browser support, the plugin is extremely compatible with Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE8+ and so on.


jQuery Knob


This plugin takes input elements and converts them into touch-friendly dials that function on the desktop. With the help of this plugin, one can easily tailor the website content to accommodate new paradigms.



This JavaScript library offers a strong foundation to create attractive typeheads. Type head extracts local or external data source as soon as the user types in to an input box.



This plugin allows developers to submit the container’s width with the type. The plugin automatically scales the text size up and down.

It simplifies the creation of responsive headlines and also gets integrated with Lettering.JS to help in granular per-character styling.


Ending Notes!

So, this is all! This quick list features those plugins that enhance user experience. By integrating these plugins in the website, there are chances of multiplying user acquisition.

If you think, we have missed out any of the plugin, you can let us know in the comment section below.

We will be glad to hear from you. We welcome you to drop your comment with your favorite jQuery plugins. We will definitely take a look at it.



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Owing to a huge skill set and proficiency in the related domain, she has achieved successful results till now. In addition to this, she also likes sharing knowledge on jQuery web development.

This blog is one of her unique and well-written composition aimed at delivering useful knowledge to readers.



10 Best jQuery Plugins You Just Cannot Afford To MissTweet This