Top JavaScript Frameworks To Lear

January 02, 2018

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2017 has seen the demand for JavaScript developers continue to grow.

This is because besides being heavily relied on by web browsers JavaScript is versatile a quality that has seen it executed on a wide range of offline applications.

Most recently JavaScript was touted as being the highest ranked language of 2017.


Currently JavaScript is used as a backend developer language as well as a front end language used in the design of user interfaces. In addition it is used to enhance web applications by embedding numerous functionality as well as critical features.

Using JavaScript you are able to modify webpages and see those changes happen in real time.

JavaScript has earned itself a reputation as a silver bullet that is best used for the quick development of websites and applications. JavaScript frameworks certainly cannot be ignored especially when creating single page applications (SPAs).

The libraries that are heavily relied upon by JavaScript frameworks allow web developers to focus more on the creation of complex interface elements while paying less attention to code formation.

Understanding JavaScript

If you’re new to either web or app development you may not have a full understanding of what JavaScript is. JavaScript can easily be defined as being a scripting code that is useful in adding dynamic elements to website development as well as app development.

It is a programming language that is used in front end development and usually determines the behavior of elements that are displayed on the client side.

JavaScript frameworks are best known for their cross platform support which is needed when developing interactive websites and software.

There are other benefits that come with using JavaScript frameworks. These include:

  • Cost
    There are numerous frameworks that have been developed for JavaScript and almost all them are cost-free. This means that developers are able to pass on these savings to businesses and individuals that would like to have websites created for them.
  • Security
    Due to the fact that these frameworks are open-source it means that developers from all over the world are able to make contributions that increase the robustness of JavaScript frameworks. Usually these contributions will be made in large forums where members come together and test security implementations.
  • Efficiency
    Anyone who wants to become a developer has to be prepared to write long lines of code. By using JavaScript frameworks and libraries you’re reducing the amount of code you have to write and consequently development takes far less time.

So here are the best JavaScript frameworks to learn in 2018.


If you’re thinking of building a career in web development then you certainly cannot ignore the utility value of angular. Angular is to web apps what html is to website pages. Angular helps to better describe what your user interface should look like.

Another benefit of using angular is that it is easy to maintain, it’s robust as well as effective when integrating with new features. It is also very intuitive.

Here is a list of those advantages:
• It enables the rapid development of client-side functionality
• It makes use of hypertext markup language otherwise known as html as a declarative programming language

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Over the years since its launch React has cut a niche for itself in the  development space and there are many who would swear by it. React is a versatile JavaScript library that is used for creating efficient user interfaces. It is declarative.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy by using react is that it is easy to test.

Here’s a list of that and other advantages:
• It has a community of developers that is quickly growing
• It is much easier to understand how an element is rendered as all you need to do is simply look at the render function
• It is very easy to debug
• One way data flow is excellent in user interface
• The code is reusable
• You can easily use it in combination with angular as well as backbone


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Node is a framework that is built on Google’s v8 JavaScript engine. It is used to create interactive yet vigorous apps like community websites, content streaming sites as well as single page applications that depend on massive data interaction.

Node has several advantages which include reusing code this means that the same code can be used in the perseverance of layers as well as on the server and the client.

Node also enables developers to create multi-user applications that can make simultaneous connections. It allows for the reuse of the same code on the perseverance layers as well as the client and the server.

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Most JavaScript frameworks are open source and Amber is no different. It uses the Model View Viewmodel pattern. This way it is able to incorporate best practices when used to create single page web applications.

Some of the advantages include the fact that it offers stability without stagnation, offers convention over configuration, permits key-value observation, and it has light weight attributes making it easy to integrate into your app.

Since it is part of a giant ecosystem you can expect that it will be supported in the long term.

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Unlike the other frameworks and libraries that we have covered before Meteor is a full stack option. This means that it is used both in the front-end as well as in the backend. It includes a node.js server, a command line tool and front-end libraries.

Some of the advantages of working with Meteor include:

• It is easy to set up which cuts down on development time
• It is flexible
• It is very friendly for beginners
• It offers project scalability
• It is flexible and can be easily adapted
• It is simplified for developers

Before deciding on what framework to learn in the new year, you need to familiarize yourself with the merits and shortcomings of the framework or library. Keep in mind that JavaScript has many such frameworks and what we have covered are only recommendations.

With further research on your part we’re sure that you’ll come to the right decision.

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