Why Web Hosting Control Panels Are Important

September 26, 2012

All web hosts have included control panels so their subscribers to get ultimate control in managing their domains, templates, email accounts, marketing tools, database and many other options. Most web hosting owners don’t have the necessary skill or knowledge in setting up in maintaining a web host. This is where web hosting control panels can help.

Increased web hosting experience
The purpose of control panels is to make hosting more user friendly so anyone even without web hosting experience will be able to control their websites with ease. Control panels are developed with interfaces that can easily be done with the GUI. It has a simple control over domains and storage space and also has all the applications needed to run and optimize your website. Many control panels has included, ftp connect, backup wizards, SQL management, and almost anything that relates to web hosting. Although, most applications and functions need to be bought first before it can be used.

Record and monitor your progress
Another importance of web hosting control panels is that you can track and record your progress. This is particularly useful when you want to generate traffic, increase sales, conversions, and leads. Without tracking, it can be difficult to make a successful website. It can also a bit challenging in deciding what techniques to use and what are the things you would want to put your resources on. In the control panel of your web hosting account, you’ll see a few web analytic applications you can install to monitor your site’s progress.

Enhanced website functions
A good control panel can help improve your website functions because it allows you to install several third-party applications like CMS, software to prevent spam, web analytics, and other applications. You can also create cron jobs to eliminate the frustration of repetitive tasks when managing your website.

Your control panel will let you improve customer support because you have a variety of customer support options available like web chat, and email. You can also install applications which will allow you to communicate with your customers using the built-in chat box. E-commerce sites are more likely to utilize all the customer support they can give to increase maximum conversions and sales.

Web hosting control panels are important in a web host because it can make complicated tasks a lot easier. The control panel uses Graphical User Interface (GUI) which means controlling and managing a website is a lot easier even to people that don’t have experience in web hosting. With control panels, you can record and monitor your progress may it be your website or your marketing strategies. It can enhance website functionality through cron jobs that automatically perform repetitive tasks, install software that will block spam, add blogging functions, etc. If you are an e-commerce site, control panels can improve customer support. However, the kind of control panel you will use depends on the web hosting provider. Make sure that your control panel offers the latest software and compatibility to install most applications required in improving your website performance, traffic, conversions, and leads.

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