Why WordPress is the best tool for Blogging?

September 30, 2010

One of the popular ways to make your web site rank higher and attract traffic to your web site is by Blogging. This has now become a powerful medium that is used by many large and small organizations, business houses and personal websites to connect and communicate with customers and general website visitors.

Many people use a content management system (CMS) for this purpose. There are many free blogging platforms available and the most popular one in this category is WordPress, which is a free, easy to set up, maintain and use. The reason for its popularity is that it offers a higher degree of customization, loyal developers willing to contribute and has thus created a niche for its own in the blogging industry.

Why Blog?

The simple answer to that question is to create an awareness among customers on the products and services offered, content on the website is frequently updated which leads to better page ranking and listing on search engine results and create a community or forum where customers can interact with one another.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is free and easy to use and maintain blogging software. It can be used as a tool for blogging as well as create a Content Management System or CMS. It uses lesser resources as only one script will be run. This makes the web hosting solution less expensive when compared to others.

WordPress Web Hosting – What To Look For?

One of the best features of  WordPress among the website owners who are looking for introducing a WordPress Blog is the one click installation which makes setup and installation easier and faster.

Many web hosts offer free templates that can be used along with WordPress blog. It is very easy to use and does not require coding or experience in graphic designing. It is all simple plug and play type templates which can be easily installed by following the on screen directions. This makes installation of a wordpress blog very easy for a technically challenged person. This is also a reason for WordPress’s popularity.

You will have a fair idea as to what is required if you already have a blog on your website. If this is not the case and you are starting a new blog then it is wiser to start with a smaller package and then scale up based on the success of the blog.

Here are some features that you should consider:

Good Uptime Record – For a blog that has a good follower base, a high uptime record is essential. Look for a web host that has a higher uptime record as you might not want to be in an embarrassing situation when your blog is down and inaccessible to your reader. This is potentially a revenue killer.

Robust Servers – Even if you start out small, your blog might interest many and your website will attract more traffic. The more traffic on your website the more your host server’s resources will be utilized. Hence a web host with good servers will prevent any performance degradation of your blog and website. Slow sites will always frustrate customers and they may never come back again to check your blog.

Customer Support – In the event you run into any technical snags, the web host must have a strong technical and customer support that is fast and reliable.  A web host that offers 24/7 customer service staff with highly skilled professionals will address your issues quickly.

Good Reputation – Before signing up with a web host research and find out what other customers have to say about the host. This will give a good idea of the hosting company’s reputation.

These simple guidelines should help you decide a good web host that can host your wordpress blog. We have compiled a list of good web hosts that has 1-click install of wordpress and also who have good support for wordpress hosting.

Recommended wordpress hosting companies: Bluehost, WebHostingHub

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