What to Look For In a Managed Web Hosting Provider

Do You Need Managed Hosting?

The answer to whether or not you need managed hosting all depends on if your business requires a dedicated server. You can make this determination by analyzing your web traffic. If you are experiencing high-volume traffic and nearly exceeding the resources of shared server every month, a dedicated server would be the perfect solution.

If your website is small with a minimal level of traffic, a shared hosting environment should work just fine. There is no need to move up to a dedicated server if this has not yet become a necessity as this is a more expensive option that requires more administrative skills on your part, even with the aid of a managed host.

Finding a Managed Host

Managed hosting has become much easier to find as companies that once only provided shared or dedicated servers are now offering managed services. You can begin the search for a managed host by visiting your preferred search engine and reading a variety of reviews. Look for feedback by the experts and clients as well. The best move would be to contact a reliable host that already provides dedicated servers to inquire about a managed hosting arrangement.

Managed hosting is typically offered on a per-item basis or predefined plan. The per-item scenario allows you to pick and choose the services you do or do not need. A predefined plan includes the dedicated server along with specific managed hosting features for a monthly fee, similar to what you’d find with a shared host.

Reliable Support

Just as with any provider, you want a managed host that is reliable and solid in the support department. You can test their response time by sending them an email before purchasing service. A quick response that answers your questions in satisfactory should give an indication of the overall service the company offers.


When making the move to managed hosting, you will want to locate a host that offers as much freedom as possible, giving you the power to choose from a wide range of services and features. If you feel your business should be protected by a firewall and some form of anti-malware technology, that particular host should be able to meet those needs.

It is also good to have a bit of freedom in the way of your payment schedule. Being able to pay on a monthly scale could be far more advantageous than an expensive annual contract.

Reliable Connection

Never sign on for managed hosting before learning how a host connects to the internet. If this information is not listed on the website, give them a call to learn more details about their network and method of connectivity. It would also be a good idea to find out where their Network Operations Center is located as those in the United States provide the fastest and most reliable connection in the world.

Managed hosting is well suited for the business looking to establish a significant online presence, saving you the time, manpower and money required to maintain a dedicated server. This allows you to focus more on the marketing aspect of your business, increasing the chances of generating revenue and staying alive.