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What is Shared Hosting?
Shared Hosting is a web hosting service where many users share one server of the same hosting company. This is the easiest and the most affordable option for hosting.

  • Lower Cost - Since many people share one server , they share the overall cost of server maintenance.
  • Easy to manage - The web hosting company is responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support, and other aspects of the service.
  • Flexibility - Since the hosting provider maintains the server, you do not have the permission to install, or download or run any program that you wish to maintain on your server.
  • Performance - Again since many users are sharing one server, a neighborhood’s traffic may be harmful on your site, causing it to lag with pages that take forever to load.
Please note: For most of you, a shared hosting account should be more than sufficient. With good support from a reliable hosting company, a small business website or a blog or a personal website can be setup easily

Shared Hosting is for you if…
  • You are just getting started with a new website or blog
  • You have personal web sites, small business sites, blogging sites etc..
  • You are expecting medium traffic and you don’t need total control of the server.
Best candidate for Shared hosting
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What is Virtual Private Server(VPS)?
Virtual Private Server(VPS) is a type of hosting where a single server is divided into multiple virtual servers using virtualization technology, such that each server is isolated from others and has its own capacity to run independently. The hosting provider will control the hardware while the website owner will control the software and operating system.

1) Flexibility - Since VPS runs its own copy of operating system, the website owner gets access to that operating system and has the capability to install almost any software that runs on the OS.
2) Performance - Since each VPS gets guaranteed disk space, RAM and CPU, the performance of these are better than a shared server.
3) Security - Even though you are sharing sever with other users, each server is isolated from another virtual server and it is very difficult for another user to attack your server.

1) The main disadvantage of VPS is the server maintenance. If you do not have technical knowledge, it gets tough.
2) Another drawback is since you are sharing the server with other users you may not get the performance, security and reliability of a dedicated server.
3) Also since you are sharing server with other users, some resources will be limited when compared to dedicated server. For e.g. Certain software like firewall, anti-virus clients, does not run well in a virtualized environment and some VPS providers place further restrictions

This type of Hosting is for you if…
This is good for you if you have special software which isn't compatible with shared hosting plans,and you have the knowledge to do the server maintenance and you don't need the high levels of disk storage and bandwidth allotments of a dedicated server.

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What is Dedicated Hosting?
Dedicated Hosting or dedicated server is a type of hosting where a single server that will host only your site(s).This is the best and the most expensive type of hosting.

1) Since you are not sharing server with anyone else, you will get high level of reliability and uptime.
2) You will get root/administrator access, and has the capability to install any programs or services.

1) Higher costs - this is the most expensive type of hosting.
2) Maintenance - Most of Dedicated Hosting packages comes with limited support. So the user need to do all server maintenance, upgrades, patches, and security. You should have the knowledge to keep the server up to date and secure. Some hosting providers provide server administration as an add-on service.

This type of Hosting is for you if…
1) You are running a web sites that receive lot of visitors
2) Your businesses needs a stable & reliable server than other types of web hosting.
3) You have a website with streaming audio or video downloads.

Best Dedicated hosting candidate
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What is Reseller Hosting?
Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting where the account owner sells web space on hosting provider's server. This is a good way for those who wish to enter into hosting business. Reseller Hosting doesn't mean you should sell web space, you can also use the full resources for your own personal needs.

1) Features - Reseller hosting is feature rich like VPS hosting and dedicated hosting without the difficulty of maintaining network infrastructure and hardware.
2) Cost - Reseller hosting is much more cheaper than VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting.
3) More Flexible than shared hosting - Instead of using one cPanel account to manage all your web sites, you can use WHM to set up an individual cPanel for every website.
4)Start a business - This is an inexpensive way for those who wish to enter into hosting business. You do not require extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting.

1) Reliability - Even though reseller hosting is feature rich like VPS hosting and dedicated hosting, you will be sharing server with other users. So this is less reliable than VPS hosting or dedicated hosting.
2) You will not get Root access to the server.

This type of Hosting is for you if…
1) You want to host a number of web sites under the same account and need more features than shared hosting.
2) You are a designing firm who who offers web hosting as an add-on service.
3) You need more resources than shared hosting but less than VPS hosting.
4) You do not need root access to install any programs.

Best Reseller hosting candidate

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