15 Reasons Why Laravel makes the best PHP framework

July 24, 2018


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“The PHP framework for Web Artisans.”

This is what Laravel declares itself to be, and it certainly brings with it the elegance and expressiveness through its structure and rich libraries.

But with other PHP frameworks out in the market, such as Symfony, Codeigniter, and Yii, what puts Laravel among the top PHP frameworks?

In the US alone, it is estimated that there are over 400,000 Laravel users.

More stats on Laravel:

  • Due to its popularity and wide use, there are over a million websites created using Laravel; an estimated 1.8% of the top 10,000 websites all over the world have been developed with this framework.
  • Besides, it even has the biggest amount of stars as a PHP framework on Github – 44.5K stars, while Symfony, which stands on the second position has only 18.1K stars.

Laravel::Created for efficiency

This framework is created for efficiency and elegant code work and it brings numerous advantages to web development. The Laravel web development environment is complete with an MVC structure support, rich and scalable libraries on hand, and tools for efficient data processing.

All these with the aim of creating fast and efficient websites.

Due to the excellence of this framework more users are encouraged to switch to Laravel.

Why Is Laravel The Best PHP Framework?

There are many reasons why Laravel is the best PHP framework for web development. To give you a better perspective on the why’s, we have identified the highlights of this amazing PHP framework!

#1 Structured Support

Implementing an MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure, Laravel developers are able to utilize the modular structure of the framework, separating the business logic side of the development from the presentation code.

This approach leads to better design performance, clear documentation, and effective application of rich modular functionalities from its libraries.

#2 Object-Oriented Libraries

Not only Laravel comes with an MVC structure, but it has a wide range of modular libraries and tools for a more robust web application.

Laravel comes with a good number of pre-installed libraries, as well as others that do not exist in other PHP frameworks.

One of the most popular and useful Laravel libraries is the Authentication library; an easy enough to install library but features advanced security measures for multifaceted protection for your data.

#3 Intuitive Template Engines

On top of the MVC structure and numerous object-oriented libraries, Laravel development services also provide built-in lightweight templates for easy and streamlined creation of layouts and dynamic content.

Template engines such as Blade enables users to create snippets of code and be put to cache to be reused and modified later, which makes building layouts and other aspects of the code faster and easier.

#4 Robust Security

Security is essential to any web development project. With Laravel, the framework enables the use of salted and hashed passwords.

Adding another layer of security to the data stored in the database or used on the website.

With Laravel, encrypted passwords are generated through the use of Bcrypt hashing algorithms are used.

#5 Expressive Database Management

Another essential part of any web development project is the management of the database used.

With Laravel, not only is data migration and database updates streamlined with the use of Migration and seeds, Laravel also applies Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

Eloquent ORM makes linking to relational databases convenient and is used in tandem with various Object-oriented models in the framework.

#6 Automated Testing

In web development, testing can be tedious and time-consuming.

To counter this problem, Laravel has built-in automated testing for the code developed; wherein automatic unit testings are executed.

This ensures that changes to the code have not greatly impacted the overall code. Laravel unit testing has built-in support for PHPUnit, complete with helper methods for expressive testing.

#7 Uncomplicated Authentication

Authorization and authentication can be very tedious and meticulous work.

Laravel help developers smooth out this process with its Authentication library.

Everything a Laravel developer would need to configure user authentication for a web application project can be accessed and applied through the Authentication library.

This makes configuring authentication and authorization all the more efficient and easier for the developers.

#8 Systematic Integration

Laravel allows for a number of integrations through its APIs, among these are mail services by way of SwiftMailer library, drivers for Mailgun, SparkPost, and SMTP.

In addition to these, Laravel also allows for the integration of tools that improves application development processes; tools such as Memcached and Redis are supported out-of-the-box.

Why Should Developers Use It?

All these features and opportunities that Laravel has and is capable of providing make it all more attractive to developers as a web development tool.

To sum up, the benefits which Laravel developers and their clients are enjoying the most, below are the major reasons why developers should use Laravel as their main web developer framework.

#9 Streamlined Web Development

With its MVC Structure, object-oriented libraries, and eloquent ORM, Laravel provides a very organized and rich environment for web development and developers alike.

Complete with pre-built tools to smooth out time-consuming and meticulous tasks such as authentication and database management,

Laravel aims to lighten the burden of developers providing them with space and tools to focus more on refining the design and performance of the project. Aside from being a well-equipped framework,

Laravel also adds another layer of security to the data that will be used by the developers. These aspects make Laravel a high-performing and highly effective Laravel web development tool and environment for developers.

#10 Laravel helpers: Helper PHP functions

Laravel comes with global PHP helper functions.

Even thought many of these helper functions were created for use by the framework itself, developers can use them in your own applications.

Laravel Helper Functions

#11 Efficient End Products

Not only does Laravel aim to streamline the development process for Laravel web developers, but with the tools that Laravel has, efficiency and effectiveness in the end product is also a goal.

The built-in libraries and tools found in Laravel also improve the efficiency of the application; with tools simplifying repetitive and time-consuming processes, as well as facilitating automated unit testing authentication measures.

#12 Supportive Community

Because of its popularity and overall great Laravel review, the framework has an ever-growing support community of Laravel developers and users.

Laravel also provides numerous documentation and learning materials to support their users and developers; from the detailed documentation, Github, podcasts, forums, and social media.

Laracon: Laravel also hosts Laracon, which is a convention for Laravel users, developers, and potential clients.

This convention has events all over the world, and even online for those that cannot attend the actual conventions!

With so many avenues, there is an abundance of support for both native and novice Laravel developers and clients on what is Laravel framework and how to use Laravel and its tools!

Why Should Companies Choose Laravel?

#13 Assured Quality Product

Because Laravel is a great framework to work with, a Laravel development company is more than capable of providing highly efficient and impactful products.

The products come clear and precise documentation and clean and elegant code. With its structure, Laravel web development projects are definitely adaptable and can be improved easily.

#14 Potential for Enterprise Applications

With Laravel, there is a great business opportunity especially for clients who prefer to build upon the products that they currently have.

This saves a lot of development cost and takes full advantage of the skills and capabilities of the developers.

This is a good advantage to have when planning to use Laravel for enterprise applications.

#15 Access to Global Talent

Because Laravel is a very popular and well-regarded open source PHP framework, with a huge number of websites attesting to it, it has become a one of the relied upon tools for skilled and experienced UI developers all over the world.

And with globalization and many a Laravel development company around the world, it won’t be difficult to find the teams best fit for your needs!

Collaboration with Laravel development company from all over the world provides you with the avenue of hiring UI developers or UX designers with diverse skills and experience, which will surely impact the web development projects that come out of such collaboration.

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So there you go! You have 14 good reasons to choose Laravel.

What do you say? Agree? Disagree? Add your comments below!

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